Need for a Meaningful And Informed Dashboards In Uncertain Times

Need for a Meaningful And Informed Dashboards In Uncertain Times

We live in a Volatile , Uncertain and Complex world where Crises of any kind create near term challenges with some carry-forward implications. A contained crisis such as a flood results, at minimum, in a pause in business activity in the short term , but a global pandemic such as COVID-19 is the kind of crisis that has the added complications of many possible and seemingly indeterminate timelines and response .

Over the last 18 months this has been more relevant than ever before. Business leaders, decision-making skills have been put to the test and individuals and teams that have had real time information about the health of their business at multiple levels have been able to make more precise decisions in this uncertain world. Did you know that about 90% of companies increased their growth through previous downturns and outperformed their competitors in profits on an average of 10% ?

What’s clear is the uncertainty around us isn’t going away any time soon. But what can support decision making at every level is having the tools to access knowledge and understanding within your world to direct everything from strategy and innovation to day to day decisions at an operational level.

It is time to Turn your data into Smart Decisions

Reporting, analytics, BI, dashboards – there are so many terms to talk about the tools needed to get access to data but ultimately, it’s about making meaningful business decisions by means of a management dashboard that displays the critical information needed to manage an organization in a single location—on one page or one screen.

Could you imagine it? Driving along, not knowing what speed you were doing, not knowing if you were indicating right or left, wondering how much fuel you had left and if it would get you to your destination. It might be an exhilarating thought to begin with, but it would be nerve racking to drive like that long term. Similarly in a business environment the function of a dashboard is to provide real-time results by aggregating and extracting value from all the data you collect.

Todays BI reports provides awesome reports but they do not provide beyond basic insights and rather forces people to get into a routine.

FLASH is geniSIGHTS first of its kind innovative Al and Analytics tool that generates meaningful reports and dashboards for taking informed decisions. Powered by geniSIGHTS Natural language processing (NLP) , FLASH allows you to ask questions naturally. FLASH’s natural language query lets you have a conversation with your data wherein FLASH understands and learns from a user’s behaviour to innovate itself to add value to the user. With a scalable platform like FLASH, you can jumpstart your Al journey in under 30 minutes.

The Joy of Learning

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