June 2023 – Edition

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Welcome to our Sixth edition of foreSIGHTS newsletter for this year. In this edition, we would like to highlight the following topics:

What’s trending? AI Replaces the Anchor!

Latest Update: geniFLASH Plugin: Unleash the Power of geniFLASH in Any Tool

geniSIGHTS Update: Upcoming Webinar: The Latest Updates and Customer Success Stories!

geniFLASH’S Feature: Coach Your Team to Success with geniFLASH’s Score Board

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AI Replaces the Anchor: News18 Punjab/Haryana Introduces AI Kaur at the Education Summit

News18 Punjab/Haryana has made an announcement at the Education Summit: Season 04’ event with the introduction of AI Kaur, their AI anchor.

Under the theme ‘Innovate, Educate, Elevate,’ the Summit not only served as a platform to address education-related questions but also witnessed conversations facilitated by AI Kaur with the panelists.

At the event, AI Kaur explored diverse aspects of leveraging artificial intelligence to transform the education system.

Dr. Ajay Bhatish, Deputy Director of Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, shed light on the ongoing transformations in Punjab’s education sector during his keynote address. Distinguished personalities such as Dr. Lalit Avasthi, Director of NIT (UK); Dr. Padma Kumar Nayar, Director of Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala; Dr. Rajeev Ahuja, Director of IIT Ropar; Dr. Manbir Singh, Pro-VC of CT University, Ludhiana; V.K. Rattan, Vice-Chancellor of GNA University, Phagwara; Kamal Wadhera, CEO of TCY Online; Kavledeep Kaur, SSP of Chandigarh; Group Captain (Retired) Sangeeta Kathait, and Lieutenant General (Retired) Deepender Singh Huda actively participated in the discussions.

geniFLASH Plugin: Unleash the Power of geniFLASH in Any Tool

We’re excited to announce the release of the geniFLASH Plugin!

geniFLASH can now seamlessly integrate with your existing analytics or reporting platform.

By adding the geniFLASH Plugin, you can turbocharge your data analysis, gain accelerated insights, enhanced visualizations, and smart recommendations.

Regardless of the tool you currently use, this game changing geniFLASH plugin feature empowers your data-driven decision-making like never before.

Visit our website www.geniflash.com to learn more and unlock the full potential of geniFLASH.

Join geniFLASH’s Upcoming Webinar: The Latest Updates and Customer Success Stories!

geniFLASH, the AI-powered BI Analytical Tool, is organizing a webinar in July to provide you with the latest updates, benefits, and customer use cases.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Latest Updates: Discover new features and enhancements in geniFLASH.
  • geniFLASH’s Benefits: Learn about the advantages that make geniFLASH indispensable.
  • Customer Use Cases: Explore real-world success stories.

Stay tuned for the webinar date, which will be announced soon! We will provide you with all the necessary details, including the registration link and agenda.

For any inquiries or more information, please contact us at customer.success@genisights.com.

geniFLASH’s Score Board: Coach Your Team to Success

geniFLASH introduces an exciting new feature – the Score Board.

This powerful feature allows teams to analyze overall performance, actions, engagement, and monitor scores with personalized recommendations.

By leveraging the Score Board, you can uncover valuable insights, such as most viewed data, missed opportunities, and boost your score based on data-driven recommendations.

Stay up-to-date with frequent updates, ensuring you never miss crucial information.

Elevate your team’s performance and maximize your data analysis potential with geniFLASH’s Score Board.

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