November 2023 – Edition

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In this edition, we would like to highlight the following:

  1. Deepfakes: A Concern in AI
  2. AI Robot Becomes CEO of Colombian Beverage Company
  3. Google Takes Legal Action Against Scammers Exploiting AI Craze
  4. Tech Turmoil: Altman’s Surprise Return and Musk’s Grok Redefining the Chatbot Game
  5. geniSIGHTS Update : Android Version Unveiling Soon!
  6. Diwali Delight at geniSIGHTS

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Deepfakes: A Concern in AI

Ever seen a video or pic that looks too real to be true? It might be a deepfake. Lately, there are fake videos of Bollywood actress Rashmika, Katrina, Kajol and even the Prime Minister going viral.

What can you do?

  • Doubt what you see: Not everything online is legit. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Protect your info: Don’t share too much online. Less info means less for making deepfakes.
  • Report it: If you find a deep fake, report it to the platform. They usually take them down.

Extra tips:

  • Check for weird stuff: Look closely for odd expressions or movements in videos and pics.
  • Watch for impersonation: Be suspicious if a video from someone you know seems off.
  • Be careful with links: Avoid clicking on links in emails or messages. They can lead to fake websites.

Stay aware to stay safe from deepfakes!

AI Robot Becomes CEO of Colombian Beverage Company

A Colombian company just made history by appointing an AI robot, Mika, as its CEO. Mika’s got a cool job – finding customers, picking artists, and creating marketing plans.

Some worry about AI taking over jobs, but Mika says she’s here to help, not replace. It’s early days, but having a robot CEO shows how business is changing.

The future of work? Probably a mix of AI and humans. AI can do tasks, but humans still call the shots. Exciting times ahead!

Google Takes Legal Action Against Scammers Exploiting AI Craze

Google is tired of scammers from India and Vietnam targeting U.S. small businesses with fake ads on Facebook. The ads promise a free download of Google’s AI chatbot, Bard, but if you click, they steal your social media passwords.

Google is taking these scammers to court to stop the scam and make them pay. They’ve asked Facebook to remove 300 scam ads. It’s not the first time; Meta Platforms, Facebook’s parent company, dealt with similar scams.

Long story short, the online world can be a bit of a wild west. So, keep your eyes peeled, especially when you see ads for AI stuff

Tech Turmoil: Altman’s Surprise Return and Musk’s Grok Redefining the Chatbot Game

The CEO at ChatGPT, Sam Altman, quit his job just to make a U-turn and came back on Monday. Quite a twist, huh?

While all that was happening, other chatbots like Google Bard and Claude were probably watching the show.

And guess what? Elon Musk just spilled the beans that his new chatbot, Grok, is joining X Premium+ next week. They’re saying it’s getting set up on X’s web app. Looks like things are getting pretty interesting in the chatbot world!

geniSIGHTS Update: Android Version Unveiling Soon!

Exciting news! geniFLASH is about to drop its Android version, blending business brilliance with the Android ecosystem. Here’s a quick peek at why this is a game-changer:

On-the-Go Insights: Your data-driven decisions are now untethered. With geniFLASH on Android, get actionable insights wherever you are.

Voice-Activated Efficiency: Android’s geniFLASH is not just touch, it’s talk. Enjoy hands-free control for a seamless user experience.

Tailored for Android: Crafted for Android enthusiasts, expect an intuitive interface syncing effortlessly with your device.

What’s Inside:

  • Do-it-yourself Dashboards
  • Conversational support (Voice/Text)
  • On-the-Go Data Assistance
  • Customizable AI
  • Guided Predictions
  • Personalized Recommendations – Self-learning AI
  • Drive/Track Actions
  • Contextual Insights
  • Social Media Tracking

geniFLASH’s Android version is on the horizon. Big things are coming – your business is about to get smarter.

Diwali Delight at geniSIGHTS

Our office lit up with joy as we celebrated Diwali – the festival of lights!

From vibrant Rangoli to a heartwarming puja, we embraced the spirit of unity with fun games and shared sweets, laughter, and good wishes.

Here’s to the glow of Diwali lighting our path to success and happiness!

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