Pick your favorite BI Feature

There are several important features to consider when adopting a business intelligence (BI) solution. Some of the most important features include:

  • Data integration: The ability to easily integrate and combine data from various sources, such as databases, applications, and external data sources.
  • Data visualization: The ability to create interactive charts, graphs, and other visualizations to help users understand and analyze data.
  • Query and reporting: The ability to create custom queries and reports to extract and analyze data in specific ways.
  • Collaboration and sharing: The ability to share reports and dashboards with others and collaborate on data analysis and insights.
  • Mobile access: The ability to access BI tools and data from mobile devices, so users can stay connected and informed even when they are on the go.

Apart from regular BI features like data integration, data visualization, Query and reporting, Collaboration and sharing, Mobile access; what would be the influential factors for BI adoption? Here is a link to our poll


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