Technology to tackle COVID-19

It has been proven time and again that during any situation of crisis, technologies have been immensely supportive. Governments, academic institutions, and start-ups are all doing their part to deploy innovative solutions as quickly as possible when situations warrant.

Apps are being used as a contact tracing solution to help in breaking the chain of infection and connect the patient with the healthcare system and the government directly. Such an app also keeps the user alert about infection in their surroundings. Telemedicine/teleconsultation is a field that is seeing a wide acceptance where one can avail doctor consultations through an electronic portal.

Banking technology which is not so new is becoming of great use these days. People prefer going to shops that are UPI enabled instead of crowding at ATMs. The government is also able to transfer relief amounts and other benefits directly to the people. The constant live updates through the government dashboard itself have demonstrated the application of technology. We are able to receive live updates and all sorts of news at our fingertips.

Even the future of virtual education has become a matter of concern with the recent trend of online classes and webinars. Virtual communication has come such a long way that we are able to communicate with foreign investors and facilitate FDI & FII inflow for the benefit of our economy.

Most of the employees of the service sector are able to work and organize meetings from the comfort of their homes.

The coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan as unusual pneumonia by a Canada based AI firm. The predictive analysis could have been used globally to take further precautions. Similarly, rapid testing kits also could have been developed earlier with the help of AI.

There are pros and cons to the use of technology. However, in a time like this, the uses have clearly outdone the drawbacks.

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