Bye Bye BI!! Welcome Conversational AI

Gone are the days when decision-makers have to be dependent on static reports & dashboards to make business decisions. Static dashboards are often restricted to certain “filters” and “drills”, eventually lose their significance over a period of time for not providing new insights. It takes approx. 3-4 months for the IT to develop these dashboards once the requirements are given by the business heads/owners. By the time the reports & dashboards reach the business owners, it becomes obsolete as it doesn’t deliver new insights but rather present scenarios thought of a few months ago!

The shortcomings of the traditional dashboards impel the business owners to shift to conversational AI. Conversational AI is emerging at a fast pace which helps businesses with better ROI when compared to static dashboards because of its novel features like:

  1. Provides real-time insights.

  2. Increases user engagement by delivering a more accurate response to queries.

  3. Learns from user behavior & give recommendations based on it.

  4. Bury IT dependency & development complexities.

  5. Engage with user’s customized preferences and satisfaction.

Are you ready to embrace this new innovation to increase your organization’s ROI?

It’s time to evolve from the traditional BI to conversational AI. With this vision geniSIGHTS, an IIT Madras Research Park established company & a member of NASSCOM have developed a tool called Flash. Flash is first-of-a-kind AI-powered dashboards with voice support for decision makers.

To know more… Join us!! For a CXO Breakfast Session on 15th June 2019 conducted by geniSIGHTS, an IIT Madras Research Park established company & a member of NASSCOM. The focus of the session would be on Conversational AI & its benefits to decision makers.

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