Conversational AI

Have you adopted “Conversational AI” – the big innovation happening in the field of AI/Analytics?

Conversational AI is emerging at a fast pace which helps businesses bring real-time insights by engaging in conversation with their databases with the help of a powerful AI program. The technology has become more value adding enterprise marketing than being more futuristic.

Voice interactions, chatbots, AI-supported human assistants and digital assistants dominantly make up the conversation AI in India. The complexities of data analytics, data modeling, ETL layer are buried deeper and the business is exposed to a simpler interface for conversation. The business now just must “Speak to the tool and get your insights.” the algorithms became intelligent over a period and truly become “data assistant” to address their day to day problems- prediction for future scenarios, etc.

According to Gartner, close to about 40% of Indian entities have already adopted or are in the process of adopting the conversational artificial intelligence.

This has been gaining a lot of support from financial services for sales and marketing but industries like hospitality and travel are in the process of embracing it into business to gain its benefits and keep consumers engaged and satisfied.

It is important that businesses invest in a tool which can help the businesses grow. GeniSIGHTS, a NASSCOM warehouse has established a BI/ Analytics tool for decision making known as Flash. It helps businesses in many ways such as; helps in gaining business insights, real-time interactions, helps user command using voice/text, learns user behavior and responds with relevant recommendations and many more.

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