Make your IoT more intelligent

Have you built Analytics on your IoT? Analytics implementation on the IoT helps the organization to perform

  • aggregations on the data from various devices and provide periodic schedule reports (e.g.: Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly)

  • machine learning, advanced analytical model to predict the likely failure time of the devices, expected service maintenance time, etc.

  • historical data analytics and gather data-driven insights from the past

  • real-time data analytics

  • and many more

Interested to develop Analytics on your IoT? Collaborate with Us.

Our Things team would be your one-stop solution to help you build your own IoT analytics.

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Demo Description: The demo consists of a data simulator which simulates the live factory environment and provides a live feed. There is an external data aggregator to get the external data from various other sites/sources. These inputs are then processed in an analytical engine where appropriate transformation, aggregation, and machine learning models are run to arrive at the desired business objective. The outputs are facilitated as streams and the stream could be visually seen in the dashboard.


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